Our family's cooking journey goes back many decades. It began in the Eastern region of Ghana, West Africa called Koforidua, where our great grandmother a baker in the morning and restauranteur at night took her family's baking heritage to new heights. Then to Accra, where grandmother and mom shared the family cooking with the communities they lived in. And now, we have brought this long-standing tradition of sharing good food to you in Rochester.



Extending our long-standing family recipes and traditional cooking methods to the Rochester community. Our message is simple...freshly made! Good food! Inclusive atmosphere.

'Ye ma wo Akwaaba'..."We welcome you" to our space.

We intend to create an inclusive atmosphere, where all our customers can interact and learn from each other through good food.


"We're playing a small role in the quest to restore dignity in humanity through dialogue and accepting of difference... 

one meal, one plate, and one bite at a time."

~ Owner

Thank you for your patronage!